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Skills Cafe - People Playing Boardgame

Boardgames are great for learning

With carefully crafted mechanics and imaginative themes, boardgames can create insightful and memorable learning experiences. 
Boardgames offer high peer to peer interaction and engagement opportunities. Making them potent instructional tools.
Discover the magic of boardgames as powerful instructional tools that ignite curiosity, foster critical thinking, and bring joy to the learning process.
Our boardgames are delivered virtually and in-person by our expert facilitators. The debrief for each game is customised to the learning requirements of the organisation.

New and Featured

Explore our newly launched games.

Skills Cafe Board Game - First 90 Days

First 90 Days

A role playing, narrative simulation game on helping new hires and campus recruits prepare for the crucial first 90 days.

Safe Haven - A Boardgame on Psychological Safety

Safe Haven

The most fun and engaging way to talk about psychological safety, trust, and inclusion in your teams.

Influence Champion - Board game

Influence Champion

Take your key stakeholders from Unaware to Supportive in this highly customizable narrative simulation game.

Top Boardgames

Explore our most popular boardgames. Most boardgames can be delivered in person and virtually.

Skills Cafe Boardgame Marketopia


Manage channel partners and distributors as you compete to grow your revenue in this sales and distribution boardgame.

My Kanban

Kanban your way to peak productivity in this boardgame on prioritization, productivity, and time management.

Skills Cafe Boardgames - Influence Champion

Influence Champion

Take your key stakeholders from Unaware to Supportive in this highly customizable game.

Skills Cafe Boardgame - Restopia


Lead a team of restaurant managers as they grapple with challenging marketing situations and competition in this game.


Collaborate to solve an office conundrum before time runs out. A card game on collaboration and working in teams.

SKills Cafe Boardgames - How's the Weather

How’s the Weather

Build and grow your farm but beware of the whimsical weather and other threats. A game on resilience and collaboration.

Service Zen

Build a service mindset in your team by focusing on the three customer focused behaviours.

Skills Cafe Boardgame - Targeted Account Sellin g


Drive success in your corporate and institutional sales teams through this customizable game.

Skills Cafe Boardgame - Kingdoms of Markana

Kingdoms of Markana

Explore conflict and collaboration in this thematic boardgame on kingdoms and dragons.

Safe Haven - A Boardgame on Psychological Safety

Safe Haven

A board game on Psychological Safety

Skills Cafe - Boardgame Bias Detective

50+ Games and Simulations

Our range of games, simulations, role-playing games, and boardgames include topics like:

Conflict and cooperation
Hiring and talent management
Psychological safety and teamwork
Productivity and performance

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