Made with Play

High impact learning powered by digital games, boardgames, and experiential tools.

Skills Café - Experiential Learning
Made with Play

High impact learning through games, boardgames, and learning journeys.

Solutions built with play

Play is at the heart of everything we do at Skills Café. Explore our range of innovative learning solutions designed using the principles of play and evidence informed methodologies.

Skills Cafe - Learning Games


Learning Games

50+ competency mapped boardgames, card games, simulations, and gamified interactive case studies to learn playfully.


Flogames – Digital Games

100+ digital games, simulations, interactive case studies, RPGs, and narrative simulations to master critical work skills.

Skills Cafe - Learning Journeys

Learning Journeys

Cohort based blended and gamified learning journeys that use science backed techniques to produce measurable results.

Unlock Your Team’s Potential Through Play

Safe Haven - A Boardgame on Psychological Safety

Safe Haven

A board game that helps teams explore the concept of Psychological Safety in an interactive and immersive way. The game aims to help team members resolve challenges by promoting psychological safety. The game can be played both as a competitive and a cooperative game.

Delivery mode: Face to Face and Virtual
Time: 90 minutes

Success Stories

From measurable behaviour change in learners to scaling solutions to thousands of learners, our play driven solutions are helping organizations and teams succeed.

Flogames - Digital Learning Games

How games are changing the way we learn

The Flogames library of digital games and simulations is changing the way self-paced behavioural training is delivered.

Client: L&T, Asiant Paints and others

Measurable negotiation skills development

Skills Cafe’ worked with a life sciences company in delivering measurable negotiation skills training.

Client: Glenmark Life Sciences

Rebooting first-time managers program – InMobi’s journey

A case study on how Skills Café partnered with InMobi to design and deploy their managerial development programs.

Client: InMobi 

Learner Testimonials

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