Skills Cafe Board Game - First 90 Days

First 90 Days

A role-playing game to help campus hires thrive

A role playing game for campus and lateral hires

Welcome to ‘First 90 Days,’ a role-playing board game designed to guide new campus recruits and lateral hires through the exhilarating journey of starting a new job.
The game helps them master the art of managing stakeholders, handling peers, and thrive inspite of challenges in the crucial first three months.

Role Playing Game


A Role Playing Game (RPG)

A role-playing game (RPG) is an interactive narrative experience where players assume the roles of characters within a fictional world, engaging in storytelling, problem-solving, and decision-making to advance the plot and develop their characters.


Play virtually or in-person

Gather your squad of 5-6 players or round up a big gang of 20+ players for an epic workshop with First 90 Days! Whether you’re all huddled together in person or scattered across the digital realm, this game’s got your back.

First 90 Days - Insight Cards


Customise and Extend

You can dive right into First 90 days as is, or team up with one of our learning whizzes to customize the game to fit your team and company like a glove.

Skills Cafe Board Game - First 90 Days

Game description

About First 90 Days

Every organization is different and unique. The first 90 days serve as a critical transition period for a new employee to learn, adapt, and integrate into a new organization. It sets the stage for their long-term success, productivity, and job satisfaction.

The most critical and demanding aspects of the first 90 days are:

Understanding the job role

Understand job responsibilities, gain product, and process knowledge, and understand their role within the team.

Understanding the structure

Know who’s who, understand team dynamics, stakeholder dynamics, and build positive relationships with the manager and co-workers.

Understanding the culture

Develop familiarity with the company’s culture, policies, procedures, and their specific role within the organization.

Game Details

First 90 days is easy to deploy:

  • Run time: 120 minutes
  • Setup and instructions: 10 minutes.
  • Delivery mode: In person and virtual
  • Number of players: 5 to 25

Game Objectives

First 90 Days is about agility. The game focuses on developing an agile and growth mindset that can help new hires thrive at a new workplace.

  • Mental agility and resilience: Developing resilience and being okay with operating out of the comfort zone which a new job often brings.
  • Agility in managing your style: Adjust your pace, your style, and your emotions basis the situation you find yourself in.
  • Agility in managing relationships: Understand the stakeholder map and find a way to work with stakeholders who you have no authority over.
  • Agility in managing and driving your goals: Understanding your goals and prioritize and plan your work.

Standalone or Blended

Want to spice up your workshop or add a dash of fun to your learning journey? First 90 Days is here for you! It kicks off in just 10 minutes and meshes perfectly within your new hire program. It is specially suited for:

  • Management trainee programs
  • Campus hire bootcamps
  • Campus hire mid-journey retrospectives

Learner Testimonials

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Let’s play

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