Safe Haven - A Boardgame on Psychological Safety

Safe Haven

A board game on Psychological Safety

The most fun way to explore psychological safety

Dive into Safe Haven, a board game that makes exploring psychological safety a blast!
With both competitive and cooperative gameplay options, Safe Haven can help players set a safe and trusting team environment.


Engrossing game mechanics

Step into the exciting world of Safe Haven, where teams get creative with card crafting, race to conquer challenges before the others, and join forces to outsmart the board and secure a win for all!


Play virtually or in-person

Gather your squad of 5-6 players or round up a big gang of 20+ players for an epic workshop with Safe Haven! Whether you’re all huddled together in person or scattered across the digital realm, this game’s got your back.


Customise and Extend

You can dive right into Safe Haven as is, or team up with one of our learning whizzes to customize the game to fit your team and company like a glove.

Psychological Safety

Game description

About Safe Haven

Imagine your team as the ultimate squad – a place where everyone feels like their authentic self shines through. No more holding back or second-guessing. Here, you’re truly listened to, understood, and celebrated for your unique perspective.

Forget side-eyes – here, worries are met with high-fives and a supportive crew ready to help you conquer any challenge. It’s that feeling of belonging, of knowing you can be yourself – the good, the bad, and the quirky – without fear of judgment. It’s where ideas flow freely, mistakes are seen as learning opportunities, and everyone feels empowered to contribute.

Game Details

Safe Haven is remarkably easy to deploy:

  • Run time: 60 to 90 minutes
  • Setup and instructions: 10 minutes.
  • Delivery mode: In person and virtual
  • Number of players: 5 to 25

Game Objectives

Safe Haven isn’t your typical board game. It’s a cozy corner, a haven built on empathy, where real talk thrives. Use this game when you need to:

  • Build trust and openness: Create a foundation where everyone feels comfortable sharing their authentic voice.
  • Embrace vulnerability: Encourage safe spaces for ideas and concerns to flourish.
  • Develop empathy & understanding: Learn to see things through different lenses, fostering a supportive environment.
  • Tackle challenges together: Equip your team with the tools to collaboratively solve problems and find innovative solutions.

Two Modes

Safe Haven offers both competitive and cooperative modes, catering to your team’s dynamic:

  • Unleash your competitive spirit: Teams vie for the most coins by successfully resolving challenges and fostering a space for open communication.
  • Unite as one: Work together to overcome all challenges. Achieve a perfect score and celebrate your collective success!

Standalone or Blended

Want to spice up your workshop or add a dash of fun to your learning journey? Safe Haven is here for you! It kicks off in just 5 minutes and meshes perfectly with programs exploring team dynamics, managerial skills, and leadership themes. Safe Haven can be delivered as a standalone workshop or can be embedded into a learning program. It is specially suited for:

  • Team building workshops and retreats
  • Leadership development programs
  • Management development programs
  • Onboarding new team members
  • Strengthening communication and collaboration skills

Learner Testimonials

Safe Haven - A Boardgame on Psychological Safety

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