Customer First Mindset

Program Description

Every organization, no matter the industry or market, needs to keep it’s customers happy. However, the world of business is full of stories of poor customer experience and shoddy service. We believe that great customer service is about the rigorous adoption and display of a few, simple customer focused values.

In this gamified microworkshop, participants get into teams and explore the three customer focused values:
• Empathy
• Mindful Communication
• Problem Solving
This is an highly engaging, board game driven microworkshop which requires participants to collaborate and solve real world customer service scenarios.

Program Outlines

  • Skill drill 1: Discover the three values

    The customer first mindset involves the following:

    • Empathy: Visualising the world from the customer’s perspective
    • Mindful Communication: Using language that is crafted to appeal both to the head and to the heart
    • Problem Solving: Doing whatever it takes to solve a customer’s problems
  • Skill drill 2: Applying the three values

    This skill drill is driven through a highly engaging and interactive board game. The game starts with participants receiving red cards for the three values and the behaviours entailed within them. Learners solve real world customer problems to exchange their red cards with green cards. At the end of the game, participants internalize the three values and the eight underlying behavioural attributes.

    Note: The case studies and scenarios used in the board game are custom designed to the match the needs of each organisation.


  • Post test using typical customer service situations
  • Study of NPS and other customer service scores after 45 days of training

Time: 4 hours

Target Audience: Associates


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