Engage: Stakeholder Management and Influence


Stakeholder Management
and Influence

Program overview

Executives often find themselves in a position where they need to drive a new process, or collaborate with people who they have limited or no authority over. How can executives become more adept at handling these situations? How can they influence their stakeholders positively and be more successful? The Engage program focuses on measurable development of crucial skills required to be effective at mapping, influencing, persuading, collaborating, and negotiating with stakeholders.

Great managers boost employee productivity by an average of 11% and have lower turnover on their teams.

65% of employees would rather have a new manager than a pay raise.

Managers may account for as much as 70% of variance in employee engagement.

Gamified and blended learning journey

Rise has a unique, gamified, and blended learning journey. The program focuses on 6 crucial managerial skills – trust, goal setting, prioritisation, delegation, feedback, motivation and well being. Each skill is transferred through a blended approach with pre-workshop engagement and preparation, live and gamified master classes with action planning, and post-workshop spaced learning, reflection circles, and evaluation.

#1 - Simulation Challenge

A self-paced, action-packed, narrative simulation game in which participants take on the role of a leader who needs to build stakeholder commitment to implement a new project. Participants receive an individualised report after playing the game.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify and map stakeholders
  • Identify the style most suited to work with each stakeholder
  • Identify techniques to persuade and influence stakeholders
#2 Influence without Authority
Dealmaker Master Negotiation skills thumbnil image

Executives often find themselves in a position where they need to drive a process, an initiative, or an agenda with people who they have limited or no authority. This gamified workshop is targeted at making participants improve their impact and influence.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the universal strategies of persuasion and influence 
  • Structure their communication for greater influence and impact
  • Make the influencer a hero in their journey while ensuring their own goals are met
#3 Stakeholder Engagement

Most projects, processes and product implementations run into problems because of inadequate stakeholder engagement and support. In this live virtual and gamified simulation, participants apply the concepts of stakeholder mapping and engagement to move multiple stakeholders from unaware to a leading position.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Map and identify critical stakeholders
  • Engage stakeholders proactively by using the most appropriate technique
  • Apply influencing and persuasion techniques to move stakeholders along the engagement continuum​​
#4 Conflict to Collaboration
Art of Feedforward

It is not enough to influence and persuade stakeholders.  Often one needs to actively manage conflict, negotiate, and build collaboration amongst stakeholders to achieve project success. The session is delivered using an online cooperative game where participants win by solving problems and working together. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand different styles in handling conflict
  • Map the most appropriate style of handing conflict to the situation
  • Promote behaviors that lead to collaboration in the workplace
  • Create an action plan to be more collaborative at work

Additional topics

The Rise learning journey is completely customisable. You can add the following topics to the learning journey to suit the needs of your audience.

  • Change Management
  • Communicating with Impact
  • Collaboration in a Hybrid Workplace
  • Influence without authority
  • Project Negotiation
  • Sales Negotiation
  • Large Account Management using Decision Making Units

Program certification

Rise Certificate
Certification criterion

All participants who achieve a threshold score in the evaluation process, are presented a Certificate of Merit. 

Program evaluation criterion:

The program is evaluated using two metrics:

  • Engagement metrics: These metrics measure the engagement of learners through the learning journey​. This is measured on the basis of completion of pre and post-workshop activities and participation in master classes
  • Proficiency metrics: These metrics measure the proficiency gained through the learning intervention. This is measured through the learning action plans and scored post-assessment learning units

Program highlights

Engage is not just a learning journey, it is a carefully crafted, blended learning experience. The program offers a mix of games, simulations, group processes, spaced practice, action projects, and a live learner community to enable learning transfer. 

Game based

Workshops are delivered through live, virtual board games. This increases peer-to-peer learning, leads to deep reflection, and higher learner motivation.

Spaced Practice

Workshops are followed by short, learning nudges in the form of self-paced quizzes, simulations, exercises and interactive knowledge maps.

Action Plans

Each workshop requires learners to create and complete an action plan. The action plan ensures that learners transfer concepts and techniques to the job. A learning buddy ensures that participants complete the action plan.

Learner Community

An online learning community keeps learners in touch with each other and creates an environment for sharing best practices and stories. Reflection cohorts help participants share success stories with each other.

Frequently asked questions

How are the programs delivered?

Engage is a blended learning program. All workshops are live, synchronous learning events that require learners to login through a virtual conferencing tool like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or WebEx. The self-paced components of the program require learners to login to a learning portal.

Are the courses downloadable?

Yes. Participants have access to video recordings of each workshop.

Are these open programs?

Currently, we don’t run open programs. These programs are delivered to teams within organizations.

Who developed these programs?

All programs are developed by the Skills Cafe’ content research and development team. All programs are based on research informed principles and practices.

What learning methodologies are used?

All workshops are delivered using a mix of digital tools including – Skills Cafe’ Live Boardgames, Mural (Mural.co), Self-paced simulation through Flogames. We use games, group processes, exercises, and practice drills to deliver these workshops.

Is the program customizable?

Yes. We conduct a thorough needs analysis through focus group discussions and surveys. All case studies and processes are customized to the needs of the target audience. The components of the learning journey are also customizable.

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