Targeted Account Selling

Targeted Account Selling
Selling to Key Accounts

It’s time to master the art of targeted account selling and stakeholder management in B2B key account sales. In this exciting and engaging board game experience, participants will embark on a journey to qualify prospects, identifying opportunity and pain areas, asking powerful discovery questions, mapping customers, and customizing pitches to win over each customer.


Boardgame time
Time: 3 Hours
Board Game Participants
Max Participants: 25
Board game Medium
Medium: Virtual and physical boardgame

Game highlights

  • Collaborative group process
  • Peer-to-peer learning
  • Learning through immersive game play
  • Group reflection and action planning
  • Discovery questions to identify gaps and pain points
  • Building your pitch to each customer’s needs and priorities

Game takeaways

Qualifying Prospects

Research and analysis before a customer call to identify the opportunity areas

Discovery Questions

Powerful questions to uncover the needs, priorities and pain areas of each stakeholder in the account

Focused Pitching

Focused pitching to each of the Decision Making Units (DMUs) in the account basis their priorities

Moments from live sessions

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