Kingdoms of Markana

Kingdoms of markana
A Collaborative Board Game Experience​
It’s 5th century BC and the kingdoms in Markana are fighting for ultimate supremacy. The kingdoms battle to expand their territory by using their armies of Knights, Dragons and Wizards. In this high energy and high stakes board game, participants work in teams to solve a challenging situation.  
Boardgame time
Time: 3 Hours
Board Game Participants
Max Participants: 30
Board game Medium
Medium: Virtual and physical boardgame

Game highlights

  • Collaborative board game
  • Peer-to-peer learning
  • Learning through immersive game play
  • Group reflection and action planning
  • The 5 Conflict Management Styles
  • Explore the 6 principles of collaboration Communication for Collaboration

Game takeaways

Understanding behaviours in a conflict situation

Understanding responses of different individuals in conflict situations

Moving from Conflict to Collaboration

Using proven techniques to build more collaborative relationships

Collaboration & Decision Making

Work together with your team to analyse and decide on how to respond to the collective threat.

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