About Be a Bias Detective

Can you catch the key suspects who hide in plain sight? These suspects are known to capture and alter the neural pathways of humans, causing them to take mental shortcuts that often result in systematic errors in judgment and decision-making. Gear up for a mission where you, with your fellow detectives, will identify and hunt these suspects down.

Diversity and Inclusion Focus

  • Affinity Bias
  • Confirmation Bias
  • Status Quo Bias
  • Halo Effect
  • Descriptive and Prescriptive Stereotypes
  • Biased Language

Decision Making

  • Confirmation Bias
  • Conformity and Authority Bias
  • Loss Aversion and Endowment Effect
  • Status Quo Bias
  • Sunk Cost Fallacy
  • Framing
  • Recency and Availability Bias

Learning Objectives

This game help participants and teams:

  • 1. Develop an understanding of cognitive biases

  • 2. Understand the impact that cognitive biases have on human decision making

  • 3. Identify the link between cognitive biases, diversity and inclusion, incorrect hiring decisions, decision making failures, and project management

  • 4. Explore practical tips, tools, and advice to reduce the impact of biases


Game Mechanics

  • 1. Learners are divided into four teams. Each team needs to navigate the board by catching biases.

  • 2. Common workplace scenarios are played out through live drama/role plays/case reading. Team members need to collaborate to catch the cognitive biases in the situation and propose plans for rectification.

  • 3. Teams move from simpler to more difficult situations. In Level 3, teams are required to de-bias a complete process.

  • 4. The team that completes the course first, wins the game.

  • 1. 4ft x 4ft board

  • 2. Bias Cards x 6 decks

  • 3. 50 bonus point cards

  • 4. Team figurines

  • 5. Facilitator guide

  • 6. Rule book

  • 7. Action planning format

  • 8. Pdf version of the toolkit downloadable from the Skills Café website

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