Cognitive Bias Detective


Can you catch these key suspects who hide in plain sight? These suspects are known to capture and alter the neural pathways of humans, causing them to take mental shortcuts that often result in systematic errors in judgment and decision-making. Gear up for a mission where you, with your fellow detectives, will identify and hunt these suspects down.

Cognitive biases affect everyone, every day and in every sphere. They are not particularly good or evil, but at the workplace, they can have a wide-ranging impact on interviews, performance and talent management, decisions, budgeting, planning and forecasting, project management, and almost every other workplace task.

In this microworkshop, we will first explore five cognitive biases (Halo Effect, Stereotypes, Confirmation Bias, Recency Effect, and the Status Quo Bias) through examples, videos, and cases studies. Then, we will get into teams and play an exciting, high paced detective game where you and your team will need to identify these biases in various workplace situations.

Note: Skills Café can customise the list of biases we cover in this microworkshop to suit the context of your organization.

Program Outline

  • Skill drill 1: Explore cognitive biases

    A variety of techniques including videos, games, activities, exercises, and examples are used to explore the five biases and their impact.

  • Skill drill 2: Play the cognitive bias detective game

    A fast-paced detective game where participants get together to hunt down the biases in work and life situations.

  • Skill drill 3: Managing biases – tools and techniques

    A variety of tools, techniques, checklists and cheat sheets are explored that can help participants become aware and mitigate the impact of biases at work.

Post workshop support

A reference microsite with case based discussion forum, refresher learning through emails -1, 10, 30, 60 days, and a post-test quiz.


  • Qualitative: Learner self report through an online survey
  • Quantitative: Post test

Workshop Details

  • Time: 5 hours
  • Target Audience: Associates, Managers and Leaders

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