The trash game

Developing a Customer First Mindset: C for Mindful Communication

Udhay is on a call with the help desk executive at He ordered 10 boxes of oil paint on Thursday and had opted...

Developing a Customer First Mindset: B is for Problem Solving

Jai is a customer care representative for a popular travel website, He is on a call with Meera, a customer who had booked...

Developing a Customer First Mindset: A is for Empathy

It was 10.00 pm. Vineet, who works in the web sales team for ABC Insurance company, was browsing through his Twitter feed when he...

Microworkshops: The time has come

Micro-workshops are not the classroom equivalent of micro-learning. They are not short (5 to 10 minutes) learning bytes that are mostly consumed online.

Five Most Dreaded TNA Landmines and How to Dodge Them

We have all spotted these ‘Landmines’ while conducting Training Needs Analysis discussions with Business Managers.

Developing deep focus: resources, exercises and strategies

We live in an increasingly fragmented world. Multiple tasks, priorities and relationships vie for our attention at the same time. Experts know how to focus their energy singularly.

What can we learn from the Rubik’s Cube about designing great...

As I gleamed and read through the volumes of work dedicated to the Rubik's Cube, I realized that some very simple mechanisms may be at play behind making the Rubik’s Cube.

OIRE | A Structured Framework for Learning Design

OIRE is an acronym for Orient-Immerse-Reflect-Extend.