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Innovative Session

It was a wonderful and innovative session to explain the bigger concepts through a practical gaming session!! Expecting to implement the concepts learned today in day-to-day...

Great Session

The session was great. The concepts were explained very well and were easy to understand. The group activities were commendable. Got to know the different perspective of the teams while concluding.

Highly recommended for all.

"The session was interesting and informative. Highly recommended for all. "

Thank you for the great session

I learnt how to stay calm and handle situations during stressful times. The concept of conditional yes was useful rather than dening the request to our stakeholders.

It was a wonderful session

The 8 Trust Building Behaviors and the examples of psychology safety group exercises were great. The facilitator made it easier for us to understand and shared ideas so we can implement it at work. It was a wonderful session.

Very effective session

Very effective session. Got to learn a lot on the story telling , different key templates which can be used. Experiencing the practical application in each stages was very good. Enjoyed a lot!!!
John Deere
The situations discussed were very familiar to our day to day operations and we were able to easily correlate to it.
Thank you for this session. The presentation style was great and we had a lot of opportunities to ask questions and talk about real life examples which made this session enjoyable and informative.
I loved the concept of change and how the facilitator described what Change is before taking us through the concepts of driving and managing change.

Another fabulous session.

Another fabulous session. Fortunate to get so much of exposure to such new things/terminologies. Thanks Vikram

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