The Resilience Game – How’s the Weather Today?

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The Resilience Boardgame

You and your team are owners of a little farm near the countryside. When the sun shines bright, you are busy planting crop and trees. Work with your team to manage, nurture, and grow your farm. But beware of the unpredictable weather. Make or break alliances and save your farm from extreme weather conditions and other events.

Boardgame time
Time: 2 Hours
Board Game Participants
Max Participants: 30
Board game Medium
Medium: Virtual and physical boardgame

Game Highlights

This boardgame explores the following concepts related to building resilience 
  • Circle of control and influence
  • Emotional regulation
  • Cognitive flexibility
  • Building networks and relationships
  • Negotiation and influence
  • Navigating change, disruption, and uncertainty 
  • Strategies to build resilience in teams

Game takeaways

Develop a Resilient Mindset

Learn about some of the tools and habits that will help cultivate resilience.

Manage Uncertainty and Thrive

Use techniques to build agility in yourself and your team as the uncertainty escalates.

Make Alliances and Build Networks

Build alliances and partnerships to manage uncertainties and disruptive change.

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