Service Zen

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A highly engaging and customizable customer service boardgame.

Improve your team's customer service skills, playfully

Great customer service is about the rigorous adoption and display of a few, simple customer facing behaviours. In this boardgame, learners solve real-world customer complaints, brainstorm solutions, and resolve problems as they compete with each other to achieve customer service zen.

Game Highlights

  • Discover the 3 principles of a customer first mindset
    • Developing and displaying empathy for customers
    • Challenging the status quo and finding unique solutions to solving customer problems
    • Communicating mindfully and in a structured manner with customers that leads to greatest impact
  • Highly engaging, peer-to-peer learning
  • Group reflection and action planning
  • Real-life and custom built scenarios

Boardgame Artefacts

The Boardgame
Service Zen

The 3 Principles of Customer Service

Game Takeaways

Developing a customer first mindset

Create a personal action plan for working with customers and building relationships with them.

Enhancing behavioural skills most useful in customer interactions

Building skills to enhance the customer experience in various customer interactions and scenarios.

Collaboration & Decision Making

Work together with your team to analyse and come up with the best response to the provided situations.


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