Hiring Right

Hiring Right

Master Interviwing Skills

High-impact, experiential and blended learning programs

As talent becomes the key frontier on which organisations compete, the ability to select and hire the right candidate for the job has become critical. The Skills Cafe’ Hiring Right series of programs, helps interviewers become aware of inherent biases and use the BEI and 5Ws interviewing techniques to evaluate critical job competencies and skills. Each workshop has a well-defined learning journey with pre and post-workshop assignments and learning evaluations to ensure that participants master the skills they gain through the program. 

3 power packed programs

Program coverage

Interrupt Cognitive Biases that Affect Interviews

Minimise the impact of cognitive biases on the hiring process. Discover how to interrupt the Affinity bias, Confirmation bias, Stereotypes, and Prejudice.

Master Behavioral Event Interviewing

Master the (BEI) Behavioral Event Interview technique through a mix of live role plays, demonstration exercises, online simulations, and mock interviews.

Master Technical and Functional Interviewing

Conduct structured technical and functional interviews using the 5Ws approach. Practice using a question funnel and avoid leading questions.

Program highlights

All Hiring Right programs are designed to be learning journeys. The program offers a mix of live workshops, group processes, and spaced practice through simulations. 

Spaced practice through self-paced simulations

All programs offer spaced practice opportunities to participants through self-paced, online simulations. The simulations allow participants to test their skills in a safe, online environment. All simulations provide a personalised report to participants. The simulation scores are used alongside the mock interview to evaluate participants in the Advanced program.

Realistic role plays and practice scenarios

All programs provide realistic and job-role specific scenarios, case studies, and simulations. These are created after a careful study of job descriptions and job profiles that participants frequently hire.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the programs delivered?

All programs are blended learning journeys. All workshops are live, synchronous learning events that require learners to login through a virtual conferencing tool like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or WebEx. The self-paced components of the program require learners to login to a learning portal.

Are the courses downloadable?

Yes. Participants have access to video recordings of each workshop.

Are these open programs?

Currently, we don’t run open programs. These programs are delivered to teams within organizations.

Who developed these programs?

All programs are developed by the Skills Cafe’ content research and development team. All programs are based on research informed principles and practices.

What learning methodologies are used?

All workshops are delivered using a mix of role-plays, case studies, group processes, and self-paced simulations.

Is the program customizable?

Yes. We conduct a thorough needs analysis through focus group discussions and surveys. All case studies and processes are customized to the needs of the target audience. The components of the learning journey are also customizable.

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