High Stakes


Most projects, processes and product implementations fail because of inadequate stakeholder engagement and support. How can executives identify and manoeuvre around tricky stakeholders, build support and drive projects to successful completion? This game is targeted at discovering and applying effective stakeholder management techniques with both internal and external stakeholders.  

Boardgame time
Time: 3 Hours
Board Game Participants
Max Participants: 30
Board game Medium
Medium: Virtual and physical boardgame

Game highlights

  • Real-life scenarios
  • Customizable scenarios and situations to the job context of the participants
  • Peer-to-peer learning
  • Group reflection and action planning
  • The Power/Interest matrix
  • The Stakeholder Engagement Continuum
  • Strategies for Stakeholder Engagement – Push and Pull
  • Trust and Relationship Building

Game takeaways

Understanding the key stakeholders

Identify and map critical stakeholders.

Identifying the steps to stakeholder engagement.

Engage stakeholders proactively by using the most appropriate technique.

Collaborative Decision Making

Work together with your team to analyze and come up with the best response to the provided situations.

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