Developing Leadership Pipelines

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Developing Leadership Pipelines

The Challenge

How do you take a scientific approach to building leadership capability?

Our client, a conglomerate engaged in manufacturing, development and sales of components for the Global Automotive Market, wanted to take an extremely fair and objective approach to identifying and building their leadership pipeline from their experienced people managers pool. They also wanted to take a data-based approach to custom learning plans designed for each employee based on their focused development areas.

The Solution

The solution developed had 3 main components –

Assessment Centre

After a deep study of the organisation’s competency frameworks, we designed a customised assessment centre through a range of tools such as digital simulations, group processes, inbox assignments and a business presentation. This was administered through a panel of experienced and trained assessors and each competency was measured through a two-tool approach to ensure objectivity in assessment.

Custom Learning Paths

After the assessment centre, the data gathered was used to place participants into different cohort-based learning paths based on their focused areas for development. This ensured that each participant was able to build deep focus on what they needed most to succeed in the next level role.

The learning journey for each of the participants lasted 12 months, and filled with application oriented workshops using group processes and simulations. Each journey also consisted of a host of self-paced learning, evaluated action plans and group coaching to ensure transfer of learning.

Learning deeply aligned to Competency Framework

The learning was customized to ensure that the essence of each competency was addressed. The process involved having discussions with stakeholders to hone in on the key priorities within each competency, walkthroughs of different learning approaches, creation of customized cases and deep feedback sessions with the client to ensure context and expectations were captured in the content.

The Impact

Impact on Skill Development

The 80+ experienced managers who went though this program, also underwent another assessment centre at the end of the learning journey. This helped them reflect on their progress during the journey and also helped the organisation take critical decisions regarding the readiness level of these participants for the next level roles.

The group on an average saw a 42% increase in their performance across all of the competencies measured. The assessment centres done at the start and the end of the learning journey were closely mirrored in terms of the structure of the tools used and difficulty level. However, the scenarios and cases used were entirely different.


The Future of the Program

This program saw tremendous success from the perspective of both the learners and well as the organisation, and is now is a flagship program within the organisation (Transfor-M) running every year. After the success of this program, we have also helped them create a version of this program to build and identify high potential individual contributors who can move to managerial roles (ASCEND). 

Client Testimonials

The team Talent Development takes this opportunity to appreciate the Skills Café  team’s efforts in co-creating the best-in-class leadership development interventions (Transfor-M & ASCEND) and driving them seamlessly to make a high impact. We are also grateful to the team’s invaluable support throughout the journey that gave us a “wow” experience. Looking forward to continuing working with your great team.


Gamified and blended first time manager learning journey.

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