Working with a Growth Mindset

Last Update April 18, 2022
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About This Course

Mindset is the belief that we carry about our self. People with a fixed mindset assume that abilities and intelligence are static and cannot be changed and success is the only true measure of competence. However, people with a growth mindset thrive on challenges and regard failures as a learning process and a springboard to growth. In this microworkshop, participants will discover the traits of a person with a growth mindset, challenge their own mindset, and create an action plan for the future.

Skill drill 1: Exploring mindset

This session is driven through stories. First, participants read the story (in dialogues form) of an executive who displays attributes of a fixed mindset and then they compare the individual with another executive who displays attributes of a growth mindset. Participants then use the attributes and traits to reflect on their own style and areas of focus.

Skill drill 2: Adopting a growth mindset

In this session, participants deep dive into the growth mindset through a simulated case study. Participants work in teams to play the role of an executive who is facing challenges and dilemmas at work. Participants take decisions on behalf of the executive and can choose between decisions that display a growth mindset or decisions that display a fixed mindset. Participants receive immediate feedback as the story unfolds based on the decisions that they take.

Skill drill 3: Applying the growth mindset

In this session, participants create a personal plan of action and identify opportunities to display attributes of the growth mindset at work and in life. Participants also create an action plan for developing a growth mindset in their immediate teams.

Post Workshop Support:

  • A reference microsite with case-based discussion forum, refresher learning through emails -1, 10, 30, 60 days.

Learning Objectives

Explore the difference between a fixed mindset versus a growth mindset
Understand the attributes of a growth mindset
Identify opportunities to display a growth mindset
Develop a growth mindset among team members

Material Includes

  • Stories 
  • Videos 
  • Talks 
  • Case Studies 
  • Simulations 


  • No prerequisites
Working with a growth mindset
Duration 4 hours

Material Includes

  • Stories 
  • Videos 
  • Talks 
  • Case Studies 
  • Simulations