The Empathetic Way

Last Update May 19, 2022
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About This Course

Everyone comes into the workplace with a knowledge of their own needs, desires, challenges, life-stages, and constraints. Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

This Skill Café virtual workshop enables executives to be more mindful of their own emotions while working with empathy. Through a series of processes and group simulations, the workshop will help participants understand the role of empathy in creating a safe space, stronger trust-based relationships, and a more positive and productive work environment.

Skill Drill 1: The Business Case for Empathy

In this skill drill, participants will dive into the true meaning of empathy and its importance in the modern workplace. Here, we will also gain a deeper understanding of why we should all be bother about the emotional well-being of everyone around us. How trust plays a role in creating an environment of emotional safety.

Skill Drill 2: The 3-Part Framework

In this skill drill, the participants will be taken through the 3-part framework of cultivating empathy.

Part 1 – Sensing

Being aware of queues and picking up the signs both for your own self and your team. Understand the world from different perspectives.

Part 2 – Seeking

Using active questioning and communication techniques to gain insights and information. Importance of questioning. Types of questions and how and when to use them. Ensuring that the act of “Seeking” is done in a culturally appropriate manner.

Part 3 – Acting

Knowing what to do and what to avoid in typical situations. Balancing your needs with the other’s and identifying ways to work better together. Understanding the organizational protocols and best practice in typical situations.

Skill drill 3: Reflection and Summary

This skill drill involves a facilitated discussion wherein the participants will be prompted through questions, phrases, and body language cues. This summative exercise will help participants practice empathy at the workplace.

Post Workshop Support

  • Refresher learning through mails and handouts

Learning Objectives

Appreciate the importance of demonstrating empathy at the workplace
Use the 3-part framework of Sensing-Seeking-Acting to display emotional intelligence at work
Be mindful of team member’s needs, motives and actions and act accordingly
Utilize a toolkit of communication skills to engage in more empathetic interactions in different workplace scenarios

Material Includes

  • Stories 
  • Case Studies 
  • Simulations 
  • Group Processes


  • No prerequisites  
Duration 3.5 hours

Material Includes

  • Stories 
  • Case Studies 
  • Simulations 
  • Group Processes