Personal Goal Setting

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About This Course

In today’s everchanging world are goals still relevant? In fact, goals are more relevant than ever before. Goals set milestones and chart the course in an unpredictable world. In this microworkshop, we explore goal setting techniques and apply them to life and work goals.

Skill drill 1: The importance of goal setting

A bad plan is better than no plan. A plan or a goal inculcates in an individual, self-discipline and achievement orientation. In this skills drill, participants will immerse in the story of two professionals. One of them sets clear goals and audits her goals at frequent interval while the other is fluid about his goals. The comparisons between the two professionals will establish the need and importance of goal setting.

Skill drill 2: Setting your own goals

There are three levels of goal definition – told, owned, authored. Successful professionals have found that self-authored goals drive performance the best. In this session learners will understand the three levels of goals and apply them to their own life and work goals. We will also explore common biases, like the overconfidence effect, that can lead to poor goal setting. We will explore OKRs and SMART goals.

Skill drill 3: Goal agility

In this session, participants will discover techniques to be more agile with their goals and put systems in place to audit and check if goals are still relevant or they need to be modified. This session will be driven through an interactive game.

Post Workshop Support:

  • Goal setting tip cards, OKR and SMART guide
  • Post-workshop test quiz: eLearning for just-in-time concept reinforcement

Learning Objectives

Develop an appreciation for goal setting
Understand the three levels of defining a goal
Identify the factors that lead to poor goal setting
Discover techniques to develop goal agility

Material Includes

  • Exercises
  • Storytelling
  • Workbook
  • Games


  • No prerequisites
Personal goad setting
Duration 4 hours

Material Includes

  • Exercises
  • Storytelling
  • Workbook
  • Games