OKRs and Scientific Goal Setting

Last Update May 13, 2022
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About This Course

Management is both art and a science. The science is based on establishing objectives and a nuanced understanding of identifying, setting, tracking, and measuring goals that align to the objective. This gamified and simulation driven learning program aims to provide participants with the skills to set ambitious objectives, identify and write actionable goals, identify lead, and lag indicators, and track and measure goals.

At the end of this session, participants will be able to: 

  • Appreciate the importance of framing bold and ambitious objectives
  • Write goals that map to the objectives
  • Derive tasks from the goals
  • Track goal completion


  • Pre-read on the role of a leader
  • Short videos on SMART goals and KPIs
  • Administer short survey to team members on goal clarity

Skill Drill 1: The OKR Process

This session will be led by a group process in which participants will work in teams to improve the business performance of a struggling team inside a larger organization. To improve performance, participants will be required to:

  • Set bold and ambitious objectives
  • Align the goals of the team with the goals of the organization
  • Set stretch goals and define an execution plan
  • Monitor goal accomplishment and focus on lead indicators
  • Communicate wins and keep the team focused
  • Manage upwards by influencing senior leadership
  • Work with a growth mindset and find ways to achieve goals despite challenges

The background case for the process will be specially purposed for the organization. Facilitated reflection during and after the simulation and connect to the real-world.

OKR: Objectives and Key Results – The Complete Guide | Mooncamp

Skill Drill 2: Reflection and Summary

A guided session to share learning and insights from the workshop. Participants complete their learning journal and action plan.

Takeaways- Concepts/Tools and Techniques 

  • OKRs
  • SMART Goals
  • Lead vs Lag Indicators
  • Goal tracking and measurement


  • Self-paced simulation
  • Curated learning resources, videos, and book references
  • Guided reflection circle after the workshop

Learning Objectives

Develop an understanding of the OKR process
Define an execution plan once stretch goals are set
Learn to set SMART Goals
Identify Lead and Lag Indicators
Explore ways to track and measure set goals

Material Includes

  • Group Processes
  • Exercises 
  • Workbook 
  • Case Studies


  • No prerequisites
OKRs and Scientific Goal Setting
Duration 3 hours

Material Includes

  • Group Processes
  • Exercises 
  • Workbook 
  • Case Studies