Being Persuasive

Last Update December 20, 2021
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About This Course

In a world where internal and external stakeholders have multiple options, constraints, and agendas that drive their decisions, how can you convince them to agree commit to your idea or solution? The ability to influence and persuade is one of the most important skills for today’s workforce. In this game-based workshop, we will explore key discoveries from behavioral sciences and apply them to workplace situations.


  • Curated videos and reading material

Skill Drill 1: The Tools of Persuasion (1 hour)
In this skill drill, we begin with the 6 Principles of Persuasion theorized by Robert Cialdini. This is followed by understanding the use of Ethos-Pathos-Logos, and the concept of Anchoring, Framing, and the Availability Bias as tools for persuasion.

Skill Drill 2: Virtual Board Game (2 hours)
In this session, participants will immerse themselves into a virtual and competitive board game. Here, the participants work in teams and apply the principles of persuasion in typical workplace situations.

Skill Drill 3: Learning Transfer and Connect (30 minutes)
In this skill drill, participants reflect on the game and explore strategies on how the principles can be implemented within their individual work sphere. Participants will create a personal action plan based on the exploration.


  • 1 x post-workshop online micro-simulation

Learning Objectives

Discover persuasion techniques backed by behavioral science and research
Use persuasion techniques to gain commitment from internal and external stakeholders

Material Includes

  • The persuasion guidebook
  • Program summary and handouts


  • No prerequisites
Being Persuasive
Duration 3 hours

Material Includes

  • The persuasion guidebook
  • Program summary and handouts