What Do Customers Care For?

Every organization, no matter the industry or market, needs to keep their customers happy. However, the world of business is full of stories of poor customer experience and shoddy service.

We believe that great customer service is about the rigorous adoption and display of a few, simple customer facing behaviours.

Time: 2 hours
Audience: All
Max players: 25

The Three Customer Facing Behaviors


Visualising the world from the customer’s perspective

Problem Solving

Generating multiple options to solve the customer’s problems

Mindful Communication

Using language that is crafted to appeal both to the head and to the heart


This game help participants and teams:

  • 1. Discover the three, customer facing behaviours

  • 2. Apply the behaviours in various customer interactions and scenarios

  • 3. Create a personal action plan

Game Mechanics

  • 1. The game starts with participants receiving red cards for the three values and the 8-customer facing behaviours entailed within them.

  • 2. Learners solve real world customer problems (in teams). As they display the three, customer facing behaviours, they exchange their red cards with green cards.

  • 3. The team that converts all its red cards to green or collects the greatest number of green cards, wins the game.

  • 1. 4ft x 4ft Service Zen board
  • 2. Customer service behaviors cards x 6 decks (red cards + green cards)
  • 3. 50 bonus point cards
  • 4. Team figurines
  • 5. Facilitator guide
  • 6. Rule book
  • 7. Action planning format
  • 8. Pdf version of the behaviors downloadable from the Skills Café website

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