About LeadCraft

Most executives rise to leadership roles on the back of their technical, functional, and domain skills. However, most executives receive little or no formal training in leading people. In this experiential and collaborative board game, participants explore 10 leadership tools and discover the unique situation where each tool can be used.

  • Time: 2 hours
  • Audience: Managers, Leaders
  • Batch size: 20-25 participants

The 10 Leadership Tools





Set Stretch Goals

Provide Feedback

Clarify Goals

Put on Notice



Learning Objectives

This game help participants and teams:

  • 1. Explore the tools for structured people management and development

  • 2. Identify the correct use of each tool based on the person, situation, and business context

  • 3. Drive a high-performance work culture

  • 4. Develop a personal action plan
  • 1. Learners are divided into four teams. Each team takes on the role of a business leader who needs to steer a team through a crisis project.

  • 2. Team members need to collaborate to identify the right leadership tool that should be used in each situation. Choosing the right leadership tool ensures that the team moves forward.

  • 3. Dramatic team events and Act Of God incidents keep learners enthralled and continuously engaged.
  • 1. 4ft x 4ft LeadCraft board with layout of the office

  • 2. Leadership Toolkit cards x 4 decks

  • 3. 50 bonus point cards

  • 4. Team figurines

  • 5. Facilitator guide

  • 6. Rule book

  • 7. Leadership style guide and action plan

  • 8. Pdf version of the toolkit downloadable from the Skills Café website

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