About Kingdoms and Realms

The game is set in a mythical time when Earth was divided into the realm of the humans and the dark realms beyond.
Six kingdoms ruled the human realm - Macedonians, Apaches, Parthians, Spartans, Amazons, Vikings, and the Akkadians. Each kingdom had its unique history shaped by bravery, conflict, and strategy.
As the kingdoms fight to take control of the realm of the humans, dark forces are gathering in the realms beyond.
Will the kingdoms rise to the occasion or will the dark forces run over the realm? It has happened in the past, it can happen again.

  • 1. The gameboard denotes a physical map of a mythical world divided into realms
  • 2. Each legion receive a set of action cards and resources
  • 3. Resources are not evenly divided and include Swords, Knights, Dragons, Wizards
  • 4. Action cards are evenly divided and include Capture, Propose, Decline, Exchange, Brainstorm
  • 5. The legions can play any card of their choice during their turn
  • 6. The objective is to expand their territory and acquire the maximum territory on the board. Legions can chose not to acquire and remain peaceful
  • 7. In the event of conflict between two teams to take over a grid they engage in a game of – Sword, Knight, Wizard, and Dragon
  • 8. Legions can also create partnerships, trade, create groups, and work together to gain clout and territory
  • 9. Secretly, behind the scenes, the Ghoul army from beyond the realm mounts an attack after Round 5
  • 10. The Ghoul army is stronger than every other army, but, may not be as strong as all the other armies put together
  • 11. Teams need to decide how they respond to the collective threat

Learning Objectives

This game help participants and teams:

  • 1. Appreciate the value – ‘None of us is as strong as all of us’

  • 2. Identify what impedes collaboration at the workplace

  • 3. Identify how to foster collaboration and collaborative thinking at the workplace

  • 4. Create a personal and team action plan
  • 1. 4ft x 4ft board with layout of the office
  • 2. Action cards x 6 sets
  • 3. Over 100 Power cards
  • 4. Game figurines
  • 5. Facilitator guide
  • 6. Rule book
  • 7. Collaborative thinking action planning guide

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