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Can you solve this team conundrum before time runs out? In this high energy and high stakes board game, participants will work in teams to solve a challenging organisational situation. Participants need to ensure that their needs are met while accommodating requirements from other teams.

Time: 2 hours
Audience: All levels
Max players: 15


Learning Objectives


This game help participants and teams:

  • 1. Reflect on their conflict management style

  • 2. Identify a target style and target behaviours they need to adopt

  • 3. Identify what impedes collaboration at the workplace

Game Mechanics

  • 1. Teams play the role of a department in an organization – Operations, Finance, Sales and Marketing, Development, Customer Service, IT. They receive background information in the form of cards.

  • 2. Teams receive news from the CEO that the company is loosing lease for a section of the office. They must solve the situation in 8 rounds.

  • 3. Teams take turns and choose from 5 Action Cards and 2 Power Cards in an attempt to resolve the situation.

  • 4. Half-way through the rounds, teams realize that they need to solve the situation in 6 rounds and not 8. This leads to last minute negotiations, offers, adjustments, brainstorming and discussions.

Game Mechanics
  • 1. 4ft x 4ft InSync board with layout of the office
  • 2. Action cards x 4 sets
  • 3. 20 Power cards
  • 4. Message chits –for inter team messaging and broadcast
  • 5. Smiley/Sad face coins to show the team’s emotional state
  • 6. Facilitator guide
  • 7. Rule book
  • 8. Personal conflict management style card and action plan

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