Top Board Games

Service Zen

Play this highly engaging board game to explore the three behaviours that lead to a dramatic improvement in customer service

Be a Cognitive Bias Detective

Go on a mission to hunt cognitive biases that impact decision making at work


An experiential board game to foster collaboration and teamwork amongst internal teams


Highly engaging board game to explore the 10 leardership and performance management tools that forms a part of every leader's toolkit

Kingdoms and Realms

An experiential, fantasy themed board game to explore competitive and collaborative behaviour and the forces that drive them

Why Board Games

Board games maximize learner to learner interaction. During a boardgame, learners don’t look into computer screens, listen to boring PowerPoint driven lectures, or stay passive. Instead, learners think critically, take decisions, collaborate and are at the centre of the learning process.

Through carefully crafted game mechanics, board games create an environment of intense challenge and provocation.
A desire to win and healthy competition keeps learner motivation high.

Board games are simple to administer. A board game can be run in a cafeteria, at the recreation room or on the terrace. This takes the learners outside training rooms, thus increasing interaction and engagement.

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