Author: Ajay Dasgupta

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Four Sales Story Archetypes

Sales professionals often must persuade customers about their product or solution. …

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Cooperative Games

Cooperative Games: Everyone Wins

The simplest definition of a cooperative game is – a game where …

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Social Deduction

Social Deduction Games for Learning

Social deduction games can be powerful tools to kick start discussions …

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Strategy, development and success concept

The Rubik’s Cube and Learning Design

As I gleamed and read through the volumes of work dedicated …

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Creative ideas and technologies concept

Live Virtual Learning Games – Lessons Learned

In early 2020, as the pandemic raged, our team conducted live …

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Male professor lead lecture in university

OIRE | A Learning Design Framework

OIRE is an acronym for Orient-Immerse-Reflect-Extend. It's a structured framework for …

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Entertainment, modern technologies, music concept

A Guide to Music in Learning

Music moves us in ways few other things can. It helps …

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