Art and Science of Goal Setting


Setting goals is to practice focusing. Goals help us focus our attention to smaller, more achievable targets and not give up in the face of larger challenges and a broader vision. It also helps us acquire specific knowledge, skills, competencies and create an environment where we can immediately practice and receive feedback. This microworkshop has three skill drills.

Program Outline

  • Skill drill 1: The importance of goal setting

    A bad plan is better than no plan. A plan or a goal inculcates in an individual, self-discipline and achievement orientation. In this skills drill, we use examples and activities to establish the need and importance of goal setting. We also introduce the OKR goal setting framework.

  • Skill drill 1: Appreciation for individual goal setting

    Goals that are set by others do not regulate human action like self-directed goals. In this skill drill, we share best practices on how you can take charge of your own goal setting and drive the discussion with your manager.

  • Skill drill 2: Applying the risk management lens to goal setting

    The purpose of risk management is to identify potential problems before they occur so that risk-handling activities may be planned, and the process of achieving the goal is not hindered or affected. In this skills drill, we will apply the risk management lens to goals and identify what could derail you and put support and structure in place that can ensure success.

  • Skill drill 2: Practice goal setting

    In this skill drill, participants will apply techniques and best practices to create a personal goal sheet. We will use the OKR framework for this activity.

Post workshop support

Follow-up on goal setting exercise. Refresher learning through emails -1, 10, 30, 60 days, and a self report survey.


  • Qualitative Self report survey measuring
  • Projects started without establishing goals
  • Improvement in goal completion rates due to risk management

Workshop Details

  • Time: 4-5 hours
  • Target Audience: All levels

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