Less Animation More Learning

Ever since the advent of technologies like Flash and Silverlight there has been a tendency to use animations to explain concepts and processes.

From eLearning Courses to Digital Learning Resources

What if we build eLearning in such a way that after the initial launch of the eLearning is completed, the conceptual components can be extracted, flipped and re-used.

Best Practices in Creating Micro-learning Videos

Micro-learning is the new rage in the Learning and Development and E-learning world. Although the concept is not new, the widespread adoption of smartphones.

The Art of Working with Subject Matter Experts: Techniques and Best...

The success of a custom eLearning project is frequently attributed to good instructional design, programming, and graphic design.

Music in Learning | A guide to using music in the...

Music moves us in ways few other things can. It helps us to tune out the constant chatter of thoughts, emotions and feelings and it helps us to tune into the present moment.